believe in magic productions

a play on words

A Guide to Crying in Public is a social commentary on social media.

Told through the personal stories of young performers and artists,
our play explores concepts of truth, empathy, and the power of words to connect us.

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Our Mission

Bringing people together through poetry, art, music, and storytelling.

Inspiring conversations. Challenging social norms. Exploring truths. Talking the talk. Walking the walk.



March 22nd

We’re honored to be Crying at Storyfort

Ming Studios 420 S. 6th Street Boise - 6 to 8 pm


December 9th

We had a great preview! Thanks for your support. Stay tuned for more news.

Join us for an exclusive one night only preview of A Guide to Crying in Public.

7:00 pm
Boise Contemporary Theater Loft:
854 W. Fulton Street Boise

Limited seating